Press Release: Barrett sponsors border security resolution

For Immediate Release
Feb. 20, 2019

Contact: Alec Faggion

Barrett sponsors border security resolution

LANSING, Mich. — Sen. Tom Barrett on Wednesday introduced a resolution urging the federal government to provide durable, permanent and meaningful security at the nation’s borders.

“Our freedom, strong economy and leadership in the world make the United States both a desired destination for immigrants seeking better opportunities and a target for people seeking to exploit or harm our way of life,” said Barrett, R-Charlotte. “The integrity of our borders is essential to our county’s continued prosperity and stability, yet current federal funding is not adequate to secure our borders.

“As part of the effort to protect our borders, we must fully support the dedicated men and women who work tirelessly every day to enable travel, trade and legal immigration while stopping terrorists, weapons and illegal drugs.”

Senate Resolution 15 says that border threats and security are not limited to the country’s southern borders. There were 18 joint operations along the northern border in 2017 to ensure legal trade and travel, while mitigating border security threats, including illicit activity by criminal organizations.

“I have colleagues that I serve with in the National Guard who have deployed to the southern border and have reported back to me about the security risk an open border poses,” Barrett said. “Physical barriers are important and effective tools in border security, which is why previous presidents have already built over 600 miles of structures along the border. I support the president’s efforts to protect our nation’s southern border, and I am disappointed that our state attorney general has put partisan politics ahead of protecting American families.”

SR 15 has been referred to the Senate Government Operations Committee for consideration.